Windsurf Lesson

Age limits?

-          You can be 7 or 77

-          All you need is the right equipment and the right training approach.

-          New technologies have made the boards more stable and the sails lighter.

-          Now learning to windsurf is much easier.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Windsurfing?

You need to have training on three different levels to learn windsurfing.


-          This is where you start if you have no previous wind surf experience.

-          This level has 5 training sessions.

-          You can take one or two lessons a day, the decision is yours.

-          You can take a private lesson or a group lesson with two other people.

-          After completing this level you can start surfing back and forth.


-          This level teaches you to make fast turns, to climb back on board by lifting up the sail without pulling the rope and to make downwind turns without slowing down with beginner’s equipment in light wind.

-          At the end of the training you can reduce the weight on your arms and carry the sail whit the weight of your body wearing a trapeze belt your waist. You can surf longer without getting tried with your trapeze.


-          At the end of this level you can control the board better by wearing foot straps and start sailing longer without losing speed.

-          The board gets smaller as the sails get larger in the meantime; it gets increasingly difficult to pull the rope to lift up the sail.

-          You can start to rise up from the water with the sail instead of pulling the sail up from the water.

-          This is when you learn the turning technique used to turn in the opposite direction when you are going at full speed without losing any of your speed.

-          You are a windsurfer now. Congratulations!


Can I Learn To Race?


At Bu Bi Surf School, we also train you to take part in races.


-          Slalom is a racing class aiming at top speed and maneuverability.

-          You can train for slalom races with the most experienced racing instructors in Turkey to perfect your starts, starting positions, buoy turns, equipment choices and adjustments.



Freestyle is a class where riders do acrobatic moves on the windsurf.

 After mastering the basic freestyle moves, you can learn acrobatic windsurfing moves such as loop, Vulcan and spock from the best freestyle windsurfers in Turkey.