Windsurf Rental

What Windsurf Brands do you use?

-We use the latest equipment by North Sail and Fanatic at Bu Bi Surf School.

-We have light and high-performance sails whit 75% and 100% carbon mast.

-We also have special equipment for children.

-We target windsurf lovers of all ages and levels.


Do I have to buy my own equipment?


-Bu Bi Surf School has over 80 boards and over 140 sails suitable for both amateurs and professionals.

-Windsurfing equipment for all weather conditions are available for rent seasonally, or on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

-We have a large storage area available for you to keep your equipment all year long.

-Your equipment will always be safe thanks to our security staff and cameras operational for day and night 12 months of the year.

-You can pick up your equipment and go windsurfing whenever you like.